When does FPL 2023/24 launch?

May 30, 2023 | FAQs

Can’t wait for the new FPL season to arrive? Maybe you’re wondering when does FPL launch next season? In this article we do a deep dive into the FPL start dates and try to predict when FPL 2023/24 will go live.

Last season, FPL went live 32 days before the Premier League season started. But that’s not enough data for us! So we’ve gone and gathered every Fantasy Premier League launch date from the last 10 seasons.

When Does FPL Go Live?

The launch date of Fantasy Premier League differs almost every single year. There is no fixed date for when it goes live, but using the data above we can extract some information and potential clues:

  • On average, FPL launches 33.6 days before the Premier League seasons starts.
  • FPL is beginning to launch earlier (The last 3 years average at 37.3 days before).
  • Last year’s FPL launch date (July 5th) was the same as 2018-19.

When does Premier League 2023/24 start?

The Premier League 2023/04 season will begin on Saturday 12th August 2023 and conclude nine months later on May 19th 2024. Pre-season begins as early as July 12th, with Manchester United taking on Leeds United in Oslo.

When does FPL 2023/24 launch?

Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 will launch on July 9th 2023 based on the 10 year average of FPL going live 33.6 days before the Premier League season starts.

However, the exact FPL start date is unconfirmed and can only be speculated. Our prediction would be that FPL 2023/24 will go live in the week between July 5th 2023 and July 12th 2023.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for Price Reveals on the Official FPL Twitter. Over the last three years, the FPL game has been launched within a week of the first reveal.

When did FPL 2023/24 launch?

FPL 2023/24 launched on July 5th. Check out our Guide To FPL 2023-24.

Leaked FPL 2023/24 launch date

On June 21st, Man United leaked the following information regarding a provisional launch date for FPL 2023/24:

Fantasy Premier League players will be keen to know that the provisional launch of the popular game will be in the week commencing 3 July, which is plenty of time before the action gets under way.


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Jamie Reeves
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