Free Entry FPL Leagues With Prizes 2023-24

Jun 14, 2023 | FAQs, Resources

Why not add a bit of spice to your Fantasy Premier League season with some free entry FPL leagues with prizes that include cash, merchandise and more.

The table below highlights the best FPL leagues to join, FPL league codes and prizes on offer. We will endeavour to keep this list completely up-to-date throughout the entirety of pre-season, so give it a bookmark and check back regularly ahead of FPL 2023-24.

It will also serve as an archive in the post-season, when it comes to claiming your prizes should you win the league.

We have no affiliation with these FPL mini-leagues or any FPL cash leagues. We do not personally endorse these leagues and you can join at your own will.

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FPL Leagues With Prizes:

HostLeague PinPrize(s)Value (£)
@OvertimeMarkets*c96fwbCredits for NFT betting2300
@BoohooMancxcyyoTop 3 win cash & vouchers2000
@SportonLivejxq7s6Top 3 win cash, cup win & MOTW1760
@_footballeyec7uibkTop 3 win cash 7 MOTM950
@BestOdds_UK*mgin421st & Cup win cash750
@FPLManagerIndiatn20nvTop 3 win PS5 & shirts600
@tapcxm1fluscCash Prize500
@FPLAkshay_aaxvg7Top 3 win cash & tickets500
@BuryMarket9pfuq7Top 3 win vouchers500
@AbdulAL97snzcucTop 3 win cash450
@FPLWinningmzowsmTop 3 win cash350
@FPL_Zlatan9332u81st wins cash, 2nd wins shirt300
@TheGallantFew1keraa71st wins cash300
@theshirtinaboxihp4xoTop 3 win shirts250
@FPL_BrandonefqyykTop 5 win cash & MOTM250
@FPLMayoracmkbmTop 3 win cash250
@InfostocksfcuumnidTop 3 win game credit230
@HWG0000jsbeu1Top ? wins cash150
@OutTheTunnelPod1g0vb5Top 3 win cash130
@FPL_Heisenbergjmh5vtTop 3 win cash100
@FPL_Alerts3r8qk01st wins cash100
@white_visionrc648c1st wins cash & shirt100
@FPL_Eire9yw2b7Top 2 win shirts100
@tipsterscorner1*0x14l3Top 5 win cash100
@Fittzy10jdejd91st wins cash100
@SportsIcons6zvi51st wins 2 PL tickets100
@FPL_FrandjvxxxTop 3 win cash85
@arseholics50nwwd1st wins voucher60
@FPL_RookieHidden1st wins cash, 2nd wins mug60
@FPLtfs3737dc1st wins cash50
@RocommDanslyh171st wins cash40
@FreeCityFPLq2mxhm1st wins cash30
@FPLGunnersauruspowew3Top 3 win gift cards35

* Has links to a gambling product. We do not personally endorse gambling.

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