The Complete List of FPL Winners Since 2002

Jun 6, 2023 | History of FPL

Welcome to the record books. The place where we’d all love to see our own name, among those who have triumphed in the past and won Fantasy Premier League. Below is the complete list of FPL winners since the origins of FPL in 2002.

Interviews With Past FPL Winners:

2004-05: Andy Tomlins (Read Interview)

2007-08: John Frisina (Read Interview)

2009-10: Jon Reeson (Read Interview)

2010-11: Chris McGurn (Read Interview)

2011-12: Sam Pater (Read Interview)

2012-13: Matt Martyniak (Read Interview)

2013-14: Tom Fenley (Read Interview)

2014-15: Simon March (Read Interview)

2015-16: Dimitri Nicolaou (Read Interview)

2016-17: Ben Crabtree (Read Interview)

2017-18: Yusuf Sheikh (Read Interview)

2018-19: Adam Levy (Read Interview)

2019-20: Joshua Bull (Read Interview)

2020-21: Michael Coone (Read Interview)

2021-22: Jamie Pigott (Read Interview)

2022-23: Ali Jahangirov (Read Interview)

Twitter Accounts of Former FPL Winners:

2012-13: Matthew Martyniak (@mt_516)

2013-14: Tom Fenley (@tomfenley)

2014-15: Simon March (@marchsimon)

2015-16: Dimitri Nicolaou (@DimitriN23)

2016-17: Ben Crabtree (@FC_CrabDogg)

2017-18: Yusuf Sheikh (@YusufsTeam)

2019-20: Joshua Bull (@JoshuaABull)

2020-21: Michael Coone (@FPL_TeddyBears)

2021-22: Jamie Pigott (@futbolislifefpl)

2022-23: Ali Jahangirov (@FplGunz)

Why have the points increased over the years?

You may have noticed that there’s a vast difference in points between the winner in 2002-03 compared to 2022-23. A difference not far off 1,000 points. Whilst it’s true that more players, means more combinations and therefore a higher chance of bigger scores year on year, there’s also other reasons.

The 2002-03 season is an anomaly. This was the first ever season of FPL and in order to ensure new players could learn the game, they included a pre-season of 6 weeks (running from GW1-7. This meant that the 2002-03 season was only 32 gameweeks long, and therefore led to a lower winning score.

Another reason is due to rule changes. In 2004-5 we saw the introduction of bonus points, in 2008-09 the introduction of a wildcard, in 2015-16 the introduction of 3 new chips, etc. Lots of rule changes has led to different winners essentially playing different versions of the game.

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