Gameweek 36 FPL Tips

May 2, 2024 | Gameweek Tips

I’ll get into everything you need to know ahead of GW 36 in a second, but let’s just talk about WC 35. 

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”

Well, after my FPL career, call me Hulk. Or superman. When will these injuries stop???

Okay, rant over. Now, it’s time for GW 36 and for some good, helpful tips, much like the ones you’ll get if you subscribe to the free LazyFPL newsletter. And the best part? All the help you’ll need will swiftly be delivered to your inbox ahead of each deadline.

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Double Gameweeks

Gameweek 37 is a double gameweek. More points, anyone?

  • Brighton: Newcastle (A) + Chelsea (H)
  • Chelsea: Forest (A) + Brighton (A)
  • City: Fulham (A) + Tottenham (A)
  • United: Arsenal (H) + Newcastle (H)
  • Newcastle: Brighton (H) + United (A)
  • Spurs: Burnley (H) + City (H)

Who to Buy in FPL Gameweek 36?


There are a couple of “must-have” defenders picks, namely:

  • Gabriel
  • White/Saliba
  • Pedro Porro

But these are your everyday “template-y” picks. Why not be a little different? You know, for a little bit of spice. So basically, what I’m telling you is that it’s time to feel the 

Dan Burn

Dan Burn. This 6 ‘6’’ hunk of a man may have sounded more intimidating if his middle name wasn’t Johnson and he didn’t debut for a club called “Darlington,” but his haul next gameweek may fix that.

Well, sort of. Newcastle’s defence was seriously bad through the beginning of 2024, but they’ve slowly started to improve. They’re not watertight by any means, but they’re sufficiently stable at home.

Burn’s attacking data is also pretty decent, and he faces a Burnley side that simply cannot save a set piece to save their lives.

Did Sean Dyche not teach you anything, lads?!

Joško Gvardiol

I was in Croatia once, and since I’d heard a lot about their walls, I asked the tour guide for… well, for a tour. He hurriedly dragged me to the “Walls of Ston” and began explaining its history, before my friend rudely interrupted him:

“But Joško Gvardiol is my favourite wall!” 

He then warbled the saddest version of Wonderwall you can imagine. 

The thing is, Gvardiol is actually a wall. City have the second-best defence in the league, and they have the highest clean sheet odds this week too. Plus, he often plays as a winger against deeper blocks.

His minutes are a slight worry, but I think he should start at least 3/4 (if you have more funds (how?!) Walker is a decent alternative).


Okay, okay, you know the drill:

  • Son
  • Palmer

Are the obvious picks.

But that still leaves you with a few midfield spots. Who else can you get?

Kevin De Bruyne

My teacher asked me to define opportunity cost a few years ago. She kicked me out for singing “Ohh Kevin De Bruyne” while thumping my table like a drum. 

It was worth it.

De Bruyne’s minutes look as good as ever, and I really wouldn’t be surprised to see him start all of City’s next games: WOL, ful + tot, WHU.

Oh, and I was going to tell you how good KDB’s npxG+xAG is, until I looked at it and gasped. In other words, it’s 1.0, or an expected goal or assist per game.

Set-pieces, a threat in open play, and a player who thrives in big games—what more can you want?

Phil Foden

Foden was just an incredible option between gameweeks 35 and 38. Naturally, he fell sick and missed GW 35.

I’m half convinced Pep did it just to spite us. 

Foden’s fixtures are good, his underlying data is even better—an npxG+xAG/90 of 0.60—and his minutes are as secure as my love affair with meal deals (a bottle of water, just ham (no mayo), and who needs crisps?)

In all seriousness, Foden is a steal at just £8.4m, and he should get plenty of gametime as a midfielder or as an interior with an overlapping fullback, which is ideal for returns. 


The template is strong, and for good reason:

  • Haaland
  • Isak
  • Nicolas Jackson

But now’s the time for differentials – the season’s almost over, after all!

João Pedro

I’d only go here if you need funds or if you have an insatiable appetite for risk. Or if you secretly have a thing for seagulls.

When Pedro starts, he should get the majority of his gametime as a CF or inside LW, and he’s Brighton’s first-choice penalty taker.

Brighton have actually been quite poor going forward, but we know De Zerbi—he’d rather eat pineapple on pizza than stop playing attacking football—and with fixtures of avl, NEW + CHE, MUN goals are there for the taking.

He has an npxG+xAG/90 of 0.48, and while he may not be nailed, his minutes should be decent. Plus, he’s cheap at just £5.2m. 

Rasmus Højlund

Rasmus Højlund is everything you want in a striker. Good hold-up play, physical, great at finishing, and he’s fast.

But much like a Polar Bear in Arlington, Texas, he finds himself in a… well, in a terrible environment.

There’s serious irony in playing for a team called Manchester “United” when the only thing that unites you is a common inability to defend. Or win.

For a man who doesn’t get much service, his data is good, his minutes are good, and most importantly, United’s fixtures are good in an attacking sense: cry, ARS + NEW, bha. 

I prefer the template front three, but as far as alternatives go, João Pedro and Højlund are decent ones.

Who to Captain in FPL Gameweek 36?

Erling Haaland

Did you see what Haaland did vs. Forest? He came off the bench and terrorised Forest more than a rogue forest fire.

This week he faces a Wolves side who have more injuries than players, and according to FPL Review’s Massive Data projections he has the highest odds of scoring a goal this week.

His underlying data is still beyond excellent, and we know what Haaland is capable of. Yes, his finishing has been subpar recently, but if there’s a time to turn that around, a title race is the perfect time for it, isn’t it?

Bukayo Saka

Whew, Saka’s a great differential. His npxG+xAG/90 is the highest it’s ever been – at 0.63 – and he’s nailed on, takes set-pieces, and he’s finally stopped donating penalties (famous last words).

Arsenal have the third highest xG over the season, and their xMotivation is sky-high as they fight through this title race. 

Saka’s EO (effective ownership) is low, his points ceiling is high, and, frankly, I don’t own Saka which worries me. Oops.


Salah and De Bruyne. Ooh, it’s like it’s 2021 all over again.

FPL Challenge

  • This week players get two points for each shot they take.
  • So get the shoot-y boys in: Haaland, Darwin, KDB/Foden, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Gvardiol.
  • That said, I’d balance out the shoot-y boys with generally good players, like Chris Wood for this week.

Lastly, I’d like to end with a story. You know, on a feel good note ahead of the FPL deadline.

I went for dinner recently, and my oh my, the food was delectable – I savoured every moment of it. Soon, the bill came, alongside a waiter who was asking for a tip.

I smiled, and gave him his tip: Subscribe to the free LazyFPL newsletter, and join over 50,000 happy FPL managers on their way to winning their mini-leagues.

And thank you for the food!

Adi Jalan
Written By Adi Jalan

Linking tactics to FPL since 2021. A Brighton predictor with a vendetta against De Zerbi’s rotation.

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