Gameweek 17 FPL Tips

Dec 14, 2023 | Gameweek Tips

FPL is an enigmatic game. You buy players and hope they do well in real life, and you spend hours looking for the best player to buy. And when that fails?

You stalk the player’s father on FPL, of course! Alfie Haaland is more relevant now than he’s been in the past twenty years.

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Who to Buy in FPL Gameweek 17?

Trent Alexander-Arnold

“Please, sir, may I have some more?” No, that’s not what Oliver Twist said when he asked for more food; it’s what every FPL player says when they need points.

Specifically, Trent’s assist potential and bonus collecting propensity.

His fixtures are a mixed bag, including fixtures vs. MUN, ARS, NEW, CHE, but luckily they’re all at home. Is United even a tough fixture anymore? Their name is ironic in itself, for a team that cannot unite two passes to save their lives.

 His BPS hasn’t fallen below 20 in eight gameweeks, having racked up four goal contributions and 57 points in this period. His npxG+xAG sits at a lively 0.36/90, which is more than Porro and Ødegaard and only marginally below Trippier’s.


So, let’s talk about Gabriel. No, not that, Gabriel. No, not that one either. Yes, you’ve finally got it—the same Gabriel who was the antagonist of Saliba Gate.

But that won’t stop me from telling you about someone who is a very good pick, costs only £4.9m, and plays for the best defence in the league.

Arsenal’s fixtures are particularly good between GW 20 and 22, as they play ful, CRY, nfo, and as long as you can bench Gabriel in BGW 18, I think he’s a great pick.

I wouldn’t spend an extra £0.6m on Saliba instead; a slight xMins benefit does not warrant that over Gabriel, someone whose minutes I have full faith in.

Zinchenko is more intriguing than Saliba, at £5.2m, given that Tomiyasu is injured and will soon head off for the Asia Cup.

As mentioned in last week’s article, Porro and Colwill are still great picks. Reece James and Cucurella’s injuries only benefit Colwill’s xMins, a Colwill who plays Sheffield United at home in gameweek 17.

Chris Wilder? More like Chris Milder, am I right?


FPL’s relationship with this overgrown pigeon is worse than Nikola Tesla’s relationship with… well, with his pigeon.

I think Richarlision will be the obvious replacement for Heung-min Son once he leaves for AFCON, as he may take penalties, and he’ll play up top for Ange’s go-go attacking side.

He started as a no. 9 this week, although he often rotated with Son on the left wing, and even though he had his minutes managed, he scored a brace.

It’s a nice change from the leg braces he finds himself in, especially as he’s averaged an npxG+xAG of 0.69/90 in the league this season.

This is your opportunity to get ahead of the curve with a very high upside/downside move. His fixtures are: nfo, EVE, bha, BOU, mun, BRE.

Cole Palmer

cole palmer fpl

I’ve recommended buying Cole Palmer so often that I think my girlfriend envies how much I speak of him. But there’s a good reason for this: he costs only £5.5m, is one of the first names on the team sheet, and takes penalties.

Nkunku’s return may lead to some uncertainty, but it should likely lift up the whole team, especially given the fixtures of SHU, wol, CRY, lut, FUL, liv. His npxG+xAG of 0.55/90 is exemplary, and Chelsea actually have very good attacking data; they’re fourth in the league for xG.

Don’t let Poch’s botches fool you; the points are coming.

From last week’s article, Jarrod Bowen and Raheem Sterling are still fine picks, and the same can be said for Bukayo Saka and Heung-min Son. The latter two are close to essential. 

Dominic Solanke

I’ve recycled the same “Solanke-so-lanky” joke so many times now that I tried to come up with new material. But since I started making those jokes, Solanke has gone on a rampage. Maybe they motivate him?

He’s still so lanky.

But his fixtures include LUT, nfo, FUL between GW 17–19, after which he becomes a sell. He’s averaged an npxG+xAG of 0.82/90 in his last five, which perfectly matches Bournemouth’s uptake of basic footballing ability, and 0.60/90 over the season.

He also takes penalties and is nailed. Bournemouth haven’t been given a penalty in years, something Everton wish they could benefit from, but when you have a talisman facing the 20th and 18th worst away defences in the league in the next two, you grab the opportunity with both hands.

Julián Álvarez

Okay, two caveats: Firstly, he blanks in gameweek eighteen, so make sure you can bench him, and plan to sell him by gameweek 20/21. Two – past points aren’t indicative of future points.

Yes, his xG of 0.27/90 is low (npxG+xAG of 0.56/90), but if Haaland is ruled out, he’s going to play as City’s number 9 and talisman against Roy Hodgson’s Crystal Palace side, who’d sooner forfeit than give youngsters a chance.

He’s predicted to be one of the highest point scorers this week, and he was even given a rest midweek. No more “leggy” narratives, and simply a plethora of points.

From last week’s article, Ollie Watkins is still a great buy. 

Who To Captain in FPL Gameweek 17?

I haven’t seen a more one-sided affair since I had a “dribble past and shoot” competition with my 6-year-old cousin. He ruined me that day.

Mohamed Salah

salah gameweek 12

On default minutes, Salah is 1.5 EV (predicted points) ahead of the second-best captaincy choice on FPL Review’s massive data model. His npxG+xAG is very high, at 0.87/90, and assuming Haaland is ruled out, Salah is predicted to be the likeliest scorer this week.

 Rumour has it that Luke Shaw feigned an injury simply to avoid having to face Salah at Anfield. I don’t blame him. Erik Ten – goals conceded – Hag.

I wouldn’t overthink this; Salah is by far the standout captaincy option.

Julián Álvarez

If you have overthought this situation, look no further than Julian Alvarez. Of course, this only applies if Haaland isn’t fit to start, as otherwise this slot would be taken up by the Great Dane Norwegian himself.

FPL Review’s massive data model has Álvarez at an eGoals/90 (expected goals/90) of 0.80, and an eAssists/90 of 0.33. The markets favour him equally highly as well, and he racked up an npxG+xAG of 0.80 in his exploits vs. Luton.

If he plays as a 9, he is an absolutely stellar option.


If you have Salah, captain him.

If we get no news on Haaland and don’t have Salah but have Alvarez, captain him. 

If you don’t have Salah and Alvarez, captain Heung-min Son. 

Who To Keep in FPL Gameweek 17?

Trippier: His suspension keeps him out for only one week, and he has a favourable fixture in BGW 18, where he plays Luton (A).

Dúbravka: I’d keep Dúbravka. He may become an issue after the January transfer window, but until then, he’s fine to keep, especially given that he has a favourable fixture in BGW 18.

Areola: When he returns to fitness, I expect him to be first choice. I’d only consider selling him if you had no backup keeper, but if you have Dúbravka, you can bench Areola till he returns. Transfers may be more valuable elsewhere.

As always, I’d like to end with a story. Dominic Solanke saw my “so-lanky” comments and confronted me. Terrified, I fell to my knees, begging him to score even after I transferred him in.

He simply smiled and told me why he was lanky:

“I’m a part of the Lazy Revolution,” said Dominic Solanke. 

And you should be too. Join over 46,000 FPL managers and sign up for the LazyFPL newsletter.

Otherwise, Solanke won’t be as kind.

Adi Jalan
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